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Bread roll filled with porchetta


Satisfying, gutsy and packed with flavour, here’s presenting the porchetta-filled bread roll. A crisp outer wrapping of oven-fresh bread containing a filling of tender, succulent and extremely tasty pork, flavoured with spices and herbs.

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porchetta sandwich



  • 1 bread roll made from durum wheat flour
  • 150 g porchetta
  • Green salad such as lettuce leaves
  • Mustard sauce 



Porchetta is a typical recipe of central Italy, which consists in slowly roasting a whole pig stuffed with spices, herbs and various types of offal. Thanks to the accurate and impeccable work of the butcher in removing the bones from the pork, once cooked, porchetta may be cut into slices and either eaten as a main course or used to fill the famous bread roll, an unquestioned protagonist of the Italian street food scene.

The origins of this recipe are obscure, but we do know for sure that porchetta used to be prepared in the Etruscan period. The ingredients used for its stuffing may vary from one region to another, according to their local availability.


The rustic character of the porchetta filled bread roll is amazingly elegant and tasty, making it a gourmet experience for discerning palates. 


Cut the roll in half and toast its inner surface on a hotplate. Wash the lettuce leaves and dry them thoroughly.

Spread the mustard onto the bread and then fill the roll with slices of porchetta and fresh lettuce.


There are two different ways of preparing a porchetta stuffing in Italy.

One contemplates the use of rosemary for a more rustic and authentic flavour, while in the other, the pork is stuffed with wild fennel which gives it a fresher taste and a unique aroma. It is well worth trying both of them!