Lemon Cardamom Sparkler


Sparkling lemon tea gets a spicy makeover.

Tangy and exotic, Sanpellegrino® Limone &tè meets its match in the Lemon Cardamom Sparkler mocktail where fragrant cardamom’s minty and citrusy flavors are perfectly complemented with fresh mint, lime and lemon. Lemon Cardamom Sparkler has the Italian spirit at its heart – so enjoy it with friends for a convivial afternoon under the sun.

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Lemon Cardamom Sparkler non alcoholic cocktail



  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 2 teaspoons cardamom syrup
  • 7-8 fresh mint leaves
  • Top with Sanpellegrino® Limone &tè



S.Pellegrino® Limone &tè’s sparkling lemon flavor and hint of organic tea is perfect with the sweet aroma of cardamom in the Lemon Cardamom Sparkler mocktail. Tart lime comes through in the end to round off the palette and makes the Lemon Cardamom Sparkler so easy to sip.

The pairing of cardamom and mint brings an added lightness to the citrus flavor in this drink, and is the ideal companion to casual snacks and dishes such as pettole, stuffed squid or even a simple carpaccio


Pour the syrup and juice into a tall glass (14 oz capacity). Add the mint and muddle it slightly using the back of a spoon. Fill up with ice, top with Sanpellegrino® Limone &tè and stir well to combine.

Garnish with additional mint leaves and serve immediately.

If you are 21 years old or over you can turn the Lemon Cardamom Sparkler into an alcoholic drink by adding 1 oz of passionfruit or ginger liquor and stir well before serving.

Glass: Tall tumbler
Garnish: Mint leaves