Contrary to what many people think, marmalade is by definition a dense preparation obtained with the cooking of orange pulp and sugar. The origins of marmalade are uncertain, and as it is a preparation made worldwide, each country has built its own legend around the origins.

How can you use marmalade?

Orange marmalade and bitter orange marmalade is mainly used as a breakfast food, spread on toast or in croissants, but also perfect to garnish cakes and pastries.

The term “marmalade” is mainly associated with oranges while the term “jam” is used for all other similar preparations made with other fruits.

Making marmalade is a perfect way to keep the flavor of oranges and enjoy them throughout the year, once they are cooked, inserted in glass jars while still hot from the preparation and then kept in a dry and dark pantry, or in the fridge after opening the jar. 

Orange Marmalade jar