Citrus fruits, have been popular themes in the world of literature since ancient times.

In ancient Chinese literature there are references to mandarins and pomelos (fruits related to grapefruits) given as tributes to Emperors.

In India, several sacred texts written in Sanskrit mention lime and lemon, and in 100 AD, the first medical book entitled Charaka Samhita contained preliminary notions of citrons, lemons and oranges, both sweet and bitter.

Even before the times of recorded literature, citrus fruits were central to many myths in ancient Greece. The marriage of Zeus was celebrated in the Gardens of the Hesperides, surrounded by golden fruits (oranges).

In the second century A.D. citrus fruits were beginning to appear in the Mediterranean and so perhaps unsurprisingly Latin literature includes many references to the citron.

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, citrus fruits were often referred to in books for their medicinal and gastronomical uses.

In the twentieth century internationally renowned poets and writers such as Salinas, Montale and Quasimodo, who were mostly based in the Mediterranean, produced contemporary works that contained references to these great fruits.

citrus fruits in literature