Sanpellegrino Limone &Tè and Pesca &Tè

Sanpellegrino +tea

The first organic beverage from Sanpellegrino® made with delicious tea extract and Italian fruit juice from concentrate. 

Sanpellegrino’s signature sparkle gets added to organic fruit juice and tea – say hello to Limone &tè and Pesca &tè, Sanpellegrino’s new sparkling organic juice and tea beverage blend with real Italian fruit juice from concentrate and other natural flavors.

The perfect company for your moment of escape, made by the combination of tea extract, organic cane sugar and the juice of peaches and lemons from Italy.

Carve out a relaxing moment in your day with Limone &tè and Pesca &tè, containing 50 calories in every 250 mL can.

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