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How to set up a citrus grove

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How to set up a citrus grove

The extraordinary volcano and its impacts on the surrounding area and community.

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How to set up a citrus grove

The production of citrus fruits is a specialised art that can only take place in certain conditions and climates and with the right type of knowledge and experience. There are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration both before and during fruit cultivation.

Climate and soil 

Citrus fruits need heat, sun and balmy breezes. Sicily, with its sunny summers and gentle winters, has the perfect climate for citrus fruit production.

These fruits are rich in juice, aroma and sweetness, and are affected by variations in soil and climate. It is for this reason that the same citrus fruit variety can be grown in different soils and during seasonal conditions, producing wildly different results.


In addition to the climate and the type of soil, space is critical for the growth of citrus fruits. Plenty of space is required to allow sunlight and salty air to penetrate the foliage and create radiant orange blossoms that turn into delicious Sicilian lemons and oranges.


For the Sicilian farmers, planting a citrus orchard is a bit like raising a child: key elements include passion, dedication and commitment. Soil should be prepared carefully to remove all impurities ready to accommodate the roots of these unique plants.

To make the perfect citrus grove, the experience and brute strength of local farmers is combined with the science of agronomists. These individuals work together to assess the best approach, such as establishing irrigation canals and assessing when the soil is clear of boulders or debris and ready to plough.