San Pellegrino Fruit Beverages

Acqua Tonica


Fresh and delicate, noted with a sparkling effervescence that feels crisp and light on the palate.


It is characterised by its bitter-sweet taste with oak wood essence that adds a level of complexity unfound in other tonics.


Hints of bitterness awakens the palate, opening up to a balanced sweetness. It offers a rounded aftertaste with citric notes and a clean, dry finish.


The unique flavour profile makes it the perfect partner to complement the character and quality in mixed drinks, and as a sophisticated beverage on its own.


Pair with some marinated anchovies or carpaccio and make this stylish Italian tonic water your new go-to drink.


Serve chilled, ideally at 3-4 °C. When choosing a garnish or a mix, experiment with various types of pepper; match with all kinds of citrus fruits.