Fields with endless rows of orange trees and cliffs covered in lemons, Italy is home to magnificent views of citrus groves that can take easily your breath away. From Puglia to Sicily, many varieties of citrus have found home over the many centuries in the fertile land of Italy, much to the delight of the citrus lover.

The views of golden orbs dangling off trees rooted precariously along the steep and rocky cliff sides in Campania may make you feel uneasy, yet for the lemon farmers of this region’s coast it’s a daily activity walking up and down these cliffs to check on their prize-winning lemon trees.

Or, imagine the views of the small strip of coastline in the southernmost tip of the peninsula in Calabria, where the precious bergamot fruits grow – these trees are uniquely positioned here and are able to produce some of the best quality bergamots in the world that go on to be used in making perfumes of all kinds.

Seeing these views of natural wonders is a unique experience that should be on anyone’s bucket list. Take note for your next holiday!

Citrus: Italian treasure