Did you know that the lemon is actually a hybrid between a citron and a bitter orange? Or that there are literally thousands of different varieties of citrus fruit that go well beyond the lemon, orange and mandarin? The wonderful world of citrus is full of quirky and fun facts, take the quiz below and test some of your citrus knowledge.


  1. Italy is home to a large proportion of the production of bergamots in the world, and it’s concentrated in a very small strip of land along the coast in the south. Which region is this located?
  2. Citrus fruit have featured in many films in the past. Which citrus fruit is seen over 22 times in The Godfather film series?
  3. Whilst it’s common to see mandarins, tangelos, pomelos, grapefruit next to lemons and oranges in the shops, they are all actually originated from just a few citrus ancestors. Which are the three original citrus fruits that are frequently cited as being the ancestors of them all?
  4. What is the name of the part of the citrus fruit that contains its essential oils?
  5. The song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles, 1967, draws a majestic, dreamy world that is aided by colourful imagery of picturesque fields of citrus. Name the type of citrus tree that features heavily in the video.
  6. When is the peak season for most citrus fruits?
  7. Many villas in Italy were historically famous for having the most wonderful citrus gardens carefully looked after by their noble families. What is the name of the Italian villa known for having had more than 500 rare and exotic citrus fruits in its garden?
  8. What is the bumpy-skinned yellow citrus that is used in hot baths on the night of the winter solstice in Japan?
  9. What is the official name of the blossoms of the citrus tree that many poets and writers have lyrically sung about in literature?
  10. Citrus trees are evergreens, meaning they keep their leaves throughout the seasons and continue to bear fruit year after year. There is one orange tree named the Mother Orange Tree that has outlived all other orange trees, and it’s over 250 years old. Where is this tree?
Things you did not know about lemon

1. Calabria

2. The orange, and the producers have admitted that it was a pure coincidence that they often appeared near dreadful and fateful moments of the film.

3. Pomelo, mandarin, citron
4. Zest
5. Tangerine trees (and marmalade skies!)

6. Winter, although thanks to modern farming technology we see most citrus year-round.

7. Villa Medici, and its unique collection attracted visitors from all over Europe at the time. Some trees, still maintained in the garden today are over 300 years old!

8. Yuzu: they are cut in halves and released in the hot water for their essential oils and fresh juices to help soothe and calm weary souls and bodies.

9. Zagara

10. In California, where it is a California Historical Landmark with its own plaque!