When speaking about citrus fruits, lemons, oranges and tangerines immediately come to mind. In this world of citrus notes, there are several fruits defined as hybrids that create irresistibly-flavored citrus fruits due to the coming together of two different species. This is the case of the mapo, a small hybrid fruit obtained from Citrus X tangelo

Not a tangerine, not a grapefruit 

The characteristics of the mapo range between those of clementines and those of grapefruit. The mapo is an early citrus to ripen, and is already seen in market stalls in October, inaugurating the season of oranges and tangerines

Its very thin rind tends to remains bright green, even once it has reached maturity. The pulp of the mapo is orangish-yellow, and its flavor is pleasantly acidic. 

The harshness and bitterness of grapefruit combines with the sweeter notes of the tangerine to give the mapo a unique taste that is appreciated by the most sophisticated of palates. 

Mapo in the kitchen

As for other citrus fruits, the mapo is meant to be eaten at the table and used to make aromatic liquors. Its juice is perfect for seasoning savory dishes, such as salads and fish and meat carpaccios.

mapo citrus fruit