The land on which citrus fruits are grown is of primary importance and these marvellous fruits would not exist in the absence of certain soil characteristics. The soil particles guarantee an excellent infiltration of water enabling each and every citrus plant to thrive. So the structure of the soil is fundamental to the production of citrus fruits. 

The smaller the solid soil particles are, the less space there is between them. This is an advantage when the fruit ripens, because an excess of micro pores would slow down the infiltration of water in the soil, thus preventing the recirculation of air and creating a poor environment for the plant. Owing to the structure of the smaller particles making up the soil, they tend to accumulate and form lumps which makes the soil ideal for the healthy growth of the roots. 

Ideally, the land should also be kept free of weeds to allow the plants receive sufficient moisture and air, but also to enable the sunlight to caress them, from the roots to the treetops.

Importance of the land in citrus fruits production