Having amply satisfied all quality standards, citrus fruits are classified by category:

  • Extra: comprises all citrus fruits that fully satisfy all standards with excellent ratings. Shape, colour and juice content all obtain a maximum rating.
  • Category I: the fruits in this category must be of good quality and conform to the characteristics of their respective varieties. Minor defects are allowed for but may not compromise the assessment of the fruit’s general appearance, quality, preservation and the good condition of postharvest packaging. Tolerable defects consist in slight anomalies in coloration and shape, or minor scars caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Category II: the citrus fruits belonging to this category comprise all those failing to be classified in the higher categories but which, nevertheless, conform to minimum standards. Minor defects of coloration and form and/or a slightly wrinkled peel are tolerated. Fruit that has been slightly scarred by adverse weather conditions or slightly bruised in the course of harvesting may be included in this category.
  • The different categories of citrus fruits