Take the time


At Sanpellegrino, we believe that the key ingredient to the great things in life is time. Times together, time to savour, time to take in the beauty, time to adore, and times to fancy. Discover what this means to you, and see the world through the eyes of Sanpellegrino.

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Four Sanpellegrino sparkling fruit drinks
Aperitif with friends drinking Sanpellegrino
A glass of Sanpellegrino sparkling drink



Take the time to be together. Life is too beautiful to pass it alone. 

Take the time to live authentically. And let your true self shine.

Take the time to take things lightly. And why not add a touch of sparkle as well?

Take the time to savour your passions. It will add a bounce to your step and inspire.

Take the time to share your joy for life. You will illuminate others with your smile.

Time is everything.

Even when it comes to creating the perfect drink.

So take the time to enjoy it.

Take the time for taste.

A bottle of Sanpellegrino chinotto
Drinking a Sanpellegrino sparkling aranciata
An aperitif while drinking a sparkling Sanpellegrino drink
Three Sanpellegrino citrus fruits drinks
Take the time
Advertising poster of Sanpellegrino Italian sparkling drinks