Orange Isle



As the fourth largest country in the world, China is a vast land with many wonderful places that are not known to the regular tourist. Orange Isle is one of these, and comes with a rich story of its own to tell. It is located in the Xiang River, in the city of Changsha of the Hunan province, quietly attracting a stream of Chinese and foreign visitors all year round.


Orange Isle is a small island of just 5 km long with a width that ranges from 40-140 metres. It is an impressive island for multiple reasons – firstly, as the subject of a poem written by China’s Mao Zedong (there is a huge statue of his head in the park) and secondly, for its orange trees – there are almost 4,000 of them in the centre of the island!

Legend goes that the Island was formed in the Jin Dynasty, and became famous for producing oranges of the finest quality, along with its greenery, and crystal clear waters surrounding it. These days the newly built Orange Isle Park functions as a tourist centre, concert and festival space, but it is the orchard of orange trees that blossom in the spring and bear fruit in the autumn that remain an attraction for many citrus fans from near and afar.


Oranges have a very long historical presence in China – the first mention of sweet oranges in Chinese literature (any literature in fact) is thought to be in 314 BC!

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Orange Isle in China